Please De-Mega on entry if a competition is underway.

Banners will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ..Maybe even a 4th place depending on number of contestants.

Tubes are a NO NO... Unless otherwise specified at start of Comp.

Each round will go for 20 minutes unless otherwise stated.

If you can not capture the AV.... Ask the Host, the Model or one of the Judges  to send it.

No painting from OBs unless the room is full ..Let the Host  know.

Please do not IM any of the judges while  judging... because they/us are already in IM together.

The judges decisions are final .. and no correspondence will make them change their minds .. No matter how much you offer them.

No gesture playing during judging.

Last and most importantly.. Enjoy yourselves and  have FUN  :-)