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DAGREE's Tour pages are another part of one of the exciting new divisions of Dagree Creations for the benefit of everyone in VPlaces.

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If you you would like the benefits of using top quality Tours without the effort of making them yourself then DAGREE's Tours are for you.

All these Tours were either scanned by us or created from pictures downloaded from Web Sites that are believed to be "FREE DOMAIN". The images are copyrighted to the original photographers and/or creators. If you have the copyright, and can prove it, to any of the pictures used, e-mail us and they will be removed within 24 hours of notification.

All Tours are originals that you will find nowhere else in VP unless someone else has used the same "original" picture to create a Tour or "borrowed" them from these pages.  Feel free to use any of these Tours for your own personal use. All we ask is that if you do include any of them on your own page a link to this page, or a mention of credit, would be appreciated.

If you find a Tour that you like, right click on it.... Then Save as Picture/Image... and select your vplaces/EXTS/Tour Folder to save it to in your VPlaces folder.

Some of the Tours have blank areas so you can add your own requirements.. If you require a tour painted, hop along to our Aussie Friends True Blue Paint Shop and one of the painters will be more than happy to help with painting one for you... or giving some advice. 

A big TY goes to -ll-Juni-ll- (Our #1 Painter at "Aussie Friends") for assistance with the Tours on these pages.

-ll-Dasman-ll- & -ll-Ges-ll-

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